My Story

My weight loss journey started at the beginning of 2016. What I’d love to tell you is that I fell into Slimming World because I was looking to lose a few pounds for summer. Sadly this wasn’t the case.

I felt more like I needed to lose weight. At 16 years old at the time I got called fat twice by two different people in the same week.

Thinking back to when this happened it was the start of my struggles when I started to develop body dysmorphia. Within that same month me and my best friend had been planning what to wear for a party that was coming up. Last minute I just couldn’t bring myself to go, I felt fat in everything I wore.  I guess I just saw myself differently at this point when it wasn’t something I thought about before.

This was when I decided to join Slimming World classes with my mum. Luckily my mums best friend was a Slimming world consultant. So we didn’t need to think about what weight loss company or method we’d be going with. The decision was made. My mum was already attending the morning classes but then changed to the night classes so we could do it together. 

Being a young girl and only 16 at the time I was already embarrassed how I thought people viewed me so I secretly attended slimming world classes and not even my friends knew I was going at the time. I wanted to lose weight in secret.

My classes were on Tuesday nights at 7pm. So if I was out that night with friends I would tell them I had to pop away for an hour or so and I’d come back. They must have thought I was meeting a boy at the time which we all laugh about to this today. 

A lot happened that year including leaving school, on September 19th I began an apprenticeship. My knew back shift (1pm-9pm) Job. I cut going to classes and thought I no long needed to go (I had already lose a bit of weight).
Little did I know that all the weight I lost, I would gain and more.

At the start of 2016 and my first Slimming World class I was about 13St 7lb’s. By 2018/19 I weight myself to be 15St 4lb’s. 

So since 2016, I have been intermittently going to Slimming World, every time I went it wouldn’t last long I felt I couldn’t do it without my mum and she didn’t want to rejoin spending money each week to go. 

However now, 2020 I have found a new love for food and how I view it. I started an Instagram page to basically just document my meals and progress however I didn’t realise how far and wide the support group is on there.

So many stories and journeys, I no longer feel alone, I feel empowered and motivated to get to my goal weight and finally feel comfortable.

Having Instagram to post my journey, food and progress has really kept me going. I no longer yoyo back and forth with wanting to lose weight then quitting.

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