Pizza Calzone

Home Made Pizza Calzone is one of my favourites when slimming and want to feel like I’m having a cheat meal!

Instead of using dough that’s quite heavy for you. Replace this with a wrap – Look for wraps that are; Full of protein, no artificial flavouring, and or vegan/vegetarian. One of my favourites that I like to use is the WW Wraps (previously known as Weight Watchers)

For the base – I like to use Tomato puree mixed with white wine vinegar. Spread on the wrap evenly, leaving a small gap round the edges.

Filling – Pack half of the wrap full of your favourite toppings. This is where you get creative!
I like to use; Chicken, mushrooms and sweetcorn. Once done, fold the wrap so that you have a half circle.

Glaze with one beaten egg on the inside edges so that it sticks together and on top. Then topped with cheese, dried basil.

Oven – Into the oven for about 15-20 minutes at 180 (fan assisted)

To finish – Side salad of your choice.

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