Curry Pastie

Ingredients:Chicken Mushroom, peas, onion (optional)Curry mix (I used Mayflower Curry sauce)Wrap (I used WW Wrap, also known as Weight Watchers)Garlic Granules One small/medium eggFry Light - Sunflower oilSide salad (optional): Baby spinach, chopped red onion and red pepper. - Dice chicken into small pieces and boil. - With the curry sauce of your choice, pour... Continue Reading →

Creamy Garlic Chicken

I'm obsessed with this recipe from Pinch of Nom (original) Book. Perfect with rice or even pasta. However, when slimming I prefer to pair this with vegetables like: cauliflower, mixed vegetables i.e (green beans, sweetcorn, carrots) Or side salad including: Lettuce, finely chopped peppers and cucumber. Ingredients include: Chicken, mushrooms, low fat spreadable cheese, onions,... Continue Reading →

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